The following covers were sold on eBay in early October 2019. These unlisted covers are concerning. I agree with Owen Murray when ne says 'The Beck cachet appears to have been cut off a Beck cover and then stuck on the envelope cancelled at Cape Canaveral' thus appearing to turn a very common CC cover into a much rarer possible unique Beck cover. I suggest the buyers of these covers carefully examine them.

    The purchasers of these covers have confirmed to Owen Murray that they are indeed stickers cut off genuine beck covers and stuck on covers with unusual (at least for a Beck cover) postmarks. There are thus fakes of limited value.

Lot No 392436909358

Lot No. 401906594687

Lot No. 283629382471

A further two covers were sold in late October


Lot No. 401931149810


Lot No. 283651381974



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